Product Mandiri Inhealth

Mandiri Inhealth Managed Care

Group health insurance plan that provide comprehensive health coverage,

namely, promotive (activities on promoting health/health education), preventive (prevention of disease), curative (treatment and medication measures on desease) and rehabilitative (recovery) structured and tiered.

Mandiri Inhealth Indemnity

Mandiri Inhealth Indemnity is a Group Health Insurance Products that provide reimbursement for the cost of health services incurred, with a choice of benefits or plans tailored to the needs of your employees and company, as well as the freedom to choose on how to utilize services.

Mandiri Inhealth Group Term Life

Group insurance products designed to give insurance benefit on the amount of total sum insured to the Beneciary if the Insured dies due to illness/natural death/accidental death during the covered period, and the coverage ends.

Mandiri Inhealth Group Personal Accident

Group insurance products designed to give insurance benefits to policyholder or nominees, if any of the following occur:

1. Accidental death.
2. Permanent total disability due to accident.
3. Hospital confinement allowance on account of accident.

Insurance benefit payments will be paid by Mandiri Inhealth as long as the risk incurred to the Insured does not include the exclusion of the Policy and the accident occur during the policy period.

Mandiri Inhealth Endowment

Group insurance product that provides insurance benet in the form of lump sum payment in case of an unfortunate event during policy period, or the sum insured will be paid at the end of the policy period if the insured survived through the end of the insurance period.

Inhealth Credit Life

Life insurance products that provide a guarantee of payment of sum insured to pay the remaining balance of Debtor loan at the time when Debtor experiencing the risk of death in the insurance period.

Indonesia Travel Covid Insurance

Indonesia Travel Covid Insurance is an insurance product that provides protection against Covid-19 and life insurance for foreign tourists (Overseas Travel Actors/PPLN) who will visit Indonesia. This product is an insurance product of the Jagawisata consortium chaired by Mandiri Inhealth.

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