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Managed Care

Managed care is a health care system that provides quality health services through efficient financing. In managed care systems, insurance companies in collaboration with health facilities provide health services to participants at a reasonable price. Thus, insurance companies can provide quality health services without the need to burden participants with excessive costs.

Insurance product that provide comprehensive health coverage based on medical indications, from minor illnesses to critical ones such as heart, kidney, and cancer. Through this Mandiri Inhealth Managed Care product, Mandiri Inhealth does not only provide medical treatment, but it also provides diseas


Mandiri Inhealth Indemnity is a group medical insurance product that provides reimbursement of incurred costs of health care services with choices of benefits or plan tailored to the needs of your employees and company to provide benefit in the form of reimbursement (through provider system or reimbursement method) of costs incurred due to illnesses or inpatient treatment at the hospital

Group Term Life

Group Term Life is a group insurance product that provides insurance benefits for sum assured to the designated heirs. Under conditions when the Insured dies due to illness / natural or accident in the period of coverage and subsequent coverage ends.

Personal Accident

Personal Accident is a group insurance product that benefits the insured or the designated heirs, in case of any risks such as the following:

1. Died the world by accident
2. Defects remain by accident
3. Reimbursement of accidental medical expenses

The payment of insurance benefits will be paid by Mandiri Inhealth during the risk experienced by the Insured within the period of insurance.


Endowment is a collection of insurance products that provide benefits in the form of sum assured if there is a risk in the coverage period. And the cash value if the Insured is alive until the end of the insurance period.

Credit Life

Credit Life is a life insurance products that provide a guarantee of payment of sum insured to pay the remaining balance of Debtor loan at the time when Debtor experiencing the risk of death in the insurance period, to provide protection guarantee to debtor of bank/financial institution in the form of settlement of debtor’s obligation if an insured dies

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