Providing Basic Food Packages to Orphans and Dhuafa as well as Aid for the Construction of Islamic Boarding Schools.

Jakarta, 9 May 2021 - PT Asuransi Jiwa Inhealth Indonesia (Mandiri Inhealth) through Rohis Mandiri Inhealth gave donations of basic food packages and Ramadhan packages to 4 orphanage & Dhuafa foundations, including:
1. The MUI Institute for the Village of Purwadana, Teluk Jambe Timur, Karawang
2. The Al-Ikhwan Setu Islamic Boarding School
3. Darut Taubah Harapan Jaya Foundation
4. Al - Makmur Menteng Dalam Foundation
This activity was carried out in commemoration of Idul Fitri 1442 H and also as a form of Mandiri Inhealth's concern for the existence of orphans and poor people. In addition to providing basic food packages and Ramadhan packages, Mandiri Inhealth also provided donations for the construction of the Daarul Aitam Wadduafa Islamic Boarding School in Baitul Habib SAW Jonggol - West Java.

The symbolization of giving donations and donations was handed over directly by the Chairman of Rohis Mandiri Inhealth, M. Nur Fadhli to representatives of the Orphans & Dhuafa Foundation and Islamic Boarding School on Sunday (9/5).

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